How to use Whatsapp on PC? 3 FREE methods explained

You have been busy at work, or you want faster typing experience using your desktop keyboard.

Instructions to use WhatsApp on PC

You may have questions like:

  • Can I log into my whatsapp on a computer?
  • Can I view my whatsapp messages on my laptop?
  • How can I create Whatsapp account on PC?

Let’s take this straight, you have been looking for a way to use WhatsApp on your PC or laptop, right?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Let’s look at 3 free ways to use whatsapp on your desktop.

How do I connect my WhatsApp to my laptop? (Whatsapp Web)

The first and foremost way is using the WhatsApp web application in your web browser on a laptop/PC.

For this, you will need your mobile phone with WhatsApp application and your account logged in.

Here is the step-by-step guide to use WhatsApp Web:

  1. Open in your preferred browser(Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on your laptop/pc.
  2. A QR code appears on your screen.
  3. Now open the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone.
  4. Switch to Chats screen and navigate to menu options (3 dots). Then click on “WhatsApp web”.
  5. You will be asked to scan a QR code from your mobile.
  6. Scan the QR code that appeared on your Desktop screen.
  7. You have been logged in to WhatsApp web.

Instructions to use Whatsapp Web

Key highlights of WhatsApp web:

  1. Real-time syncing of messages takes place between your mobile phone and your desktop.
  2. You are prompted by the application to allow simple web notifications. You can select if you want to.
  3. You can view stories, send all types of files, edit your profile and settings, make calls.
  4. You can’t access the voice and video call features or your call history.
  5. Video chat rooms feature is available through Facebook messenger.
  6. You can access WhatsApp web only if your mobile phone remains connected to the internet.
  7. The process is similar for all mobile phones and desktop platforms.

Pro Tip : Do click on the checkbox “KEEP ME SIGNED IN” if you don’t want to log in, again and again, to use it in the future. This will let you close and open the web application without having to log in again.

System requirements for WhatsApp Web

If you have an internet connection and a modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox etc., you can use it easily, for free.

There are no limitations to the operating system you use, as long as your browser supports this web application.

Logout Procedure

  • Click on menu options (3 dots) in the Chats Tab.
  • You will see the “Log out” option.
  • After logging out, you will need to log in again whenever you want to use it.

How can I download Whatsapp on my PC? (Whatsapp Desktop)

This is a windows/mac application that you can install and use on your desktop.

Here is the step-by-step guide to use Whatsapp Desktop application :

  1. Download Whatsapp Desktop. You can also download it from Microsoft Store/Apple store.
  2. Once you have downloaded the setup, install this application.
  3. A QR code will appear on your screen.
  4. On your mobile phone, open the whatsapp application.
  5. Switch to the chats screen and open menu options (3 dots).
  6. Click on Whatsapp web, it will take you to scan QR code.
  7. Scan the QR code that appeared on your desktop app.
  8. And done, you have been logged in.

Whatsapp Desktop application download page

It automatically selects your platform (desktop version), you just need to click on the Download button.

Key highlights of Whatsapp Desktop:

  1. Voice/video calls feature is not available.
  2. You can’t view your call log.
  3. Works as other desktop applications you may have.
  4. Provides a nice dialog box for notifications.
  5. Robust experience.
  6. You can use WhatsApp Desktop only if your mobile phone remains connected to the internet.
  7. Other features are the same as Whatsapp Web.

Notification from Whatsapp Desktop application
Dialog Box: notification from WhatsApp Desktop

Pro Tip : You can’t use Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp Desktop at the same time. The other will get automatically disconnected. This is true for any kind of sessions on any platform, only one active session is allowed (1 for mobile, 1 for desktop) by Whatsapp.

System requirements for Whatsapp Desktop

Whatsapp Desktop App works only if you have :

  1. Windows 8.1 or newer.
  2. Mac OS 10.10 or newer.

For all other operating systems, you can try Whatsapp Web.

Logout Procedure

  • Click on menu options (3 dots) in the Chats Tab.
  • You will see the “Log out” option.
  • After logging out, you will need to log in again whenever you want to use it.

If you want calling feature too, use this third method.

How can i use whatsapp on my laptop without QR code? (Mobile Phone Emulator)

These emulators provide an environment on your PC/laptop where you can run any and every mobile application.

For Whatsapp Android, you can use Bluestacks or Youwave.

For IOS users, get list of top emulators.

Here is a step-by-step-guide to use Whatsapp through Bluestacks Emulator:

  1. Download Bluestacks Emulator for your Windows/macOS version.
  2. Install and open this software. Search for Whatsapp Messenger.
  3. Install Whatsapp and open it.
  4. Register by verifying your phone number using OTP.
  5. And done !

Key highlights of Whatsapp on Emulator:

  1. It’s interface looks almost similar to the phone application.
  2. You will never have to deal with QR codes or logout sessions.
  3. You can make Voice/video calls too.
  4. You can update the applications from the emulator itself.


So we looked at 3 free ways to use whatsapp : the most popular messaging platform out there, on your windows/macOS desktop ( Be it PC or laptop).

But what if you want to manage all your signed-in devices at one place?

We heard your query 😉

Click on Menu options ( 3 dots ) in the Chats Tab.

Click on “WhatsApp Web”.

You will see the list of devices you have signed in to. (other than your mobile phone).

Logout Procedure : list of signed in devices

By clicking on any particular device name, log out prompt will appear. You can log out from any device you wish to, any time.

To logout from every device you are signed in to (except your mobile phone), click on “Log out from all devices”.

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