Let me introduce myself formally to you.
I’m CHINMAY FARKYA, currently a second-year engineering student. I’m 19, a technology geek and an online marketing enthusiast.

About me
Chinmay Farkya

I started learning about digital marketing a year back. I have narrowed down my interest to SEO and hence Blogging.
I aspire to be a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer in the fields that interest me.

I believe in the goal of being a self-made Entrepreneur. I am a very firm believer in self-employment and self-learning.
I strongly believe that learning is an all-time active process and it’s the most efficient in our times because of the accessibility of every information through the internet.
And that’s why I am here, to learn and to share knowledge, and educate as many people as I am able to.

This Blog is about a whole lot of information on existing and upcoming technologies and advancements in computers and the internet. Here, you can read about :

1. Basics of internet and computer technologies

2. Resource lists of learning material

3. Lists of top platforms to improve your knowledge base

4. Top software reviews in technical fields

I am so lucky to connect with each one of my audience and help them craft their own learning path.

With a sense of gratitude, I owe all of this to you 💝.

Trust me, you are going to learn a lot here 🙂

Also, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn :

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