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The soaring usage of technology in our era can be understood with the rapid intrusion of gadgets, intelligent machines, convenient solutions, and software for performing anything and everything.

So, we have tech all around us, but do we understand its impact on our lives? Do we have the knowledge required to keep up with the world’s pace? Do we intend to learn about it and gather exciting information and details?

If the answer is YES, you are good to go on this blog. We are going to particularly talk about the IT industry, which is in itself a humungous one :

Global IT industry Map

The Mission of this blog is to make every reader feel empowered with detailed information and knowledge and make this place a healthy discussion forum with readers becoming more learned with every passing day.

Our objective will always include imparting knowledge related to computers, the Internet, Softwares, Programming, platforms, and Techfacts.

We will also be giving you more authentic learning resources and tutorials. We hope to expand our coverage further in the near future.

This blog is going to be useful for anyone who is looking for convenient solutions to his doubts on technicalities, willing to learn basic and advanced concepts, easy examples, software reviews and comparisons, easy tutorials, Tools for performing technical tasks, or finding resource lists.

Trust me, we are going to provide immense value in this path.

Gradually, we are also going to incorporate updates on newly launched frameworks, services, tools, internet, and SAAS products. We will take into account any changes in programming languages and internet protocols.

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Then, grab your seat, we are going to launch you into a space of knowledge requiring exploration.

Just be the captain of your own journey 🙂

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Team Technical Counter

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